Client Testimonies

"A little over a month ago I was in my final weeks of prepping for a bikini competition and was unhappy with my current coaching situation. I was two weeks out and I just felt like I wasn't getting the right amount of attention and critique from my coach. Around the same time is when I became a member at Center Athletics. I came to Cody looking for advice on my current coaching situation; he then assured me that if I was willing to trust him and follow his plan to a T, that he would do his best to have me show ready in the next two weeks. And he did just that! Those last two weeks went smoother than the past 5 months of me prepping! Whenever I had a question I was able to shoot him a text and have him reply asap. Being that I was only two weeks out, he assigned me a daily workout plan as well as a diet plan that would be adjust daily depending on my check in photos. The last two weeks leading all the way up to show day, until the time I stepped off stage that night, Cody was extremely attentive. Always checking on me making sure that I was ready physically and mentally to take that stage. I have since then taken him on as my full time coach and am excited to see how this season goes. Such a great feeling to have found a coach that I can trust & that I know will always put me first and have my best interest in mind." - Ryan Nicole

"Ever since I started college it was hard for me to find a balance with my eating, exercise, and healthy habits. My sophomore year I knew I needed to make a change and decided to reach out for help. Thats when I started with Cody. From the moment I started working with Cody I knew I was going to progress and be able to reach my goals. He was always so open to any questions and always made sure I understood what my plans were. Cody checked in with me often to see how things were going and it made me feel good to know that I had picked a coach who takes the time to listen to their clients and their needs. Not long after we started, we decided that I would start prepping for my first NPC bikini competition. No different than before, Cody was always in constant communication with me and made sure things were going smoothly. With his help, I finally stepped on stage at my first competition, feeling and looking the best I have ever felt in my whole life. With the help of Cody I was able to reach my fitness goals. I am thankful to have a coach who cares for every single one of his clients, not just his paycheck. You can truly see how passionate he is for his clients success and works extremely hard as a coach to tailor to each and every single one of his clients so they are able to reach their goals." - Victoria  Strauss

“This year I set out to compete in my first bikini show. Cody helped me every step along the way from posing to diet and was always available when I had a question or needed help! His unique meal plan and cardio structure helped me to achieve a physique which got me fifth place at Europa Orlando!”

- Sierra Carter

"I reached out to Cody for help for a competition prep. It was getting close and I was stressed out about not being ready but Cody told me “I will get you there,  don’t worry”. Cody stood by his words and made prep so much easier! He brought out my hidden potential and made me the best version of me I had ever seen!" - Andre Palmer

- Joshua Morris

- Justin Platt

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